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Cynthia Toni Joan Merck

Local 705 Costumer

I'll Keep this sweet and simple, or I'll try...Ever since I was in grade school I was always asked by friends, teachers, and family members to give them style advice and to dress them up for special events or maybe just that first kiss with Rob Petersen, who knows :). I never thought my sense of fashion could lead to a career until I studied film and theater in college. Interning multiple years at Fox and meeting my amazing mentor Judy Girard, helped set my place in the film industry. I've worked on many productions from commercials, features, tv shows, and print. Many of the people I have worked with I like to call them my film family as I hope they feel the same about me. I always tell people that there is something special about building a character and seeing that character come to life. As a designer and stylist the final product is my pride and joy. From start to finish I see it through with fun and positive vibes. How can you not when you are making art? On a business note, I always try my best with the budget given to execute what the client and director are seeking in regards of the wardrobe. I haven't failed yet :) 

Lets get to work!

Cynthia Merck 



Tel: 910.431.3294

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